Quentin E Sanford, Founder

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.32.33 PMQuentin Edison Sanford is an innovator in the theatre industry and owner and President of Broadway Media Distribution (BMD), which he founded in September 2013.

Quentin specializes in conceptual vision, strategic implementation and product development. He has successfully represented clients with international transactions in more than twenty countries. In addition to BMD, Quentin has experience in creative direction and knowledge of commercial real estate. Quentin has won numerous awards for his entrepreneurial ventures, most notably the Entrepreneur of the Year award presented by the Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce.

Through the use of Broadway-quality scenic projections, Quentin brings the perspective of a film cinematographer and applies it to theatre. Quentin is passionate about providing access to high-quality media content for the amateur theatre market and aims to shine a light on all of the moments in theatrical history that exist now but do not yet have the visual correspondence for audiences to experience and enjoy.

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